Walk, Sprint, Just Don’t Run……..

I remember the brief period 12 years ago or so when I got great enjoyment out of distance running. I would get off work, drive downtown to Belle Isle and start jogging. Its 5.2 miles all the way around and I’ve been able to go around twice. My goal was too eventually to work my way up to 20-30 miles and run a marathon. I loved the solace and meditative aspects of it. I got a lot of thinking done on those long runs. And if this is the reason why you run? – Than it should be the ONLY reason!

Do I still run for distance? Hell no!

Why? Because I was more concerned about body composition this time around rather than just “losing weight.” So I do 2 things: I walk and I sprint.

1. Sprinting was a no brainer for me. I mean just watch the male/female sprinters at any Olympics- they look awesome. In sprinting; you’re running 60 or 100 yards at your maximum capacity. You’re going all out. You’re making fast twitch muscle fibers pop, your nervous system is being tested, and your heart and entire cardiovascular system is being challenged. Sprinting is a staple of High Intensity Cardio. A few rounds of sprinting and you’ll burn fuel all day.
2. I wasn’t a believer in “walking” until I starting doing it. Setting the treadmill at 3.5 in front of the TV worked miracles for me. The beauty of walking is that it doesn’t burn muscle, and it’s easy. Your body can/will get used to it; but that’s when you can switch it up by holding weights or using the incline.
3. Why not long distance running? Well the main reason is that I didn’t want to look like a long distance runner. Long distance running is also extremely stressful on joints, ligaments, and your heart. And when it comes to weight loss – the more you do it: the more your body gets used to it and it becomes harder shed body fat and preserve muscle. Like I said – I’ve never seen a physique on a marathon runner that I admired or wanted.

Notes and Tid-Bits

-Don’t Sprint on an empty stomach.
-Try maybe 6 rounds of sprinting one of two days a week with a 2 minute rest in between sprints (never back to back days).
-Best time to “walk” is in the am before you eat.
-I always sleep better if I do 30 minutes of walking late evening.
-You can also walk for 30 minutes after a meal
-For optimal results – do some heave hex-bar deadlifts or heavy barbell squats followed immediately by sprints.
-If you’re limiting your carbs – than be careful doing multiple sets of sprint
-Always try to fit at least 30 minutes of walking after weight training.
-If you walk at a track – try to keep your pace consistent.

Again, no scientific studies and exercise logs. You can hit me up privately if you need details that specific. I am not a doctor, personal trainer, health guru, nutrientalist, dietician, or mastermind. In the grand scheme of things – I’m a nobody; a regular guy who figured out what works for me and maybe it will work for you. We are all made different with different metabolisms, genders, birth dates, different genetic/medical histories, and different body types. You have to make/learn what works for you.

Just Live……..

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